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The OBU measures its success against the growing

membership and not in monetary value. 


Our focus is on enabling old students and supporters to stay informed about activities and news as well as to be of service to the school. 


We believe numbers to be our strength - a broad, inclusive membership that places the interest of Boys’ High first and foremost.


Why an Old Boy member?

  • Stay an integral part of one of the best schools in South Africa

  • Receive ongoing information about the school and OBU’s projects and events

  • Connect with other members, revive ing old friendships

  • Support Paarl Boys’ High in all its ventures

  • Promote ongoing interest in the school, endorsing its image and reputation

  • Help the school with fundraising


Who may join?  

  • Any scholar who has completed a minimum of one year at BHS

  • Ex officio members (e.g. teachers and principals)


Fee Structure

  • R560 per annum



Bequest Form




Membership Form            




Already a Member?

Please update your details if you already are a member of the OBU as we are bringing our database up to date.


Phone contact:

Tina du Toit

Tel: 021 872 2835 (from 9:00 to 13:00 on weekdays) 


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